Clark Trombley Randers

Market Sectors

Clark Trombley Randers provides mechanical and electrical design services to a variety of market sectors in support of both architects and owner-direct relationships. Our variety of experiences has allowed us to leverage our staff’s capabilities. Maintaining diversity in our project workload helps our staff stay active and interested and our backlog fairly constant.


One of our most active sectors. Clark Trombley Randers offers MEP design services to support retail projects at every stage of development. From site utility design to tenant improvement, we understand the process and the sense of urgency of these developments. Our experience ranges from shopping centers to bank branches to "big box" retailers to restaurants.

Site Utility DesignCoordination with local utilities, site lighting, collaboration with civil engineering design.

White BoxPreparation of shell spaces for future tenants, including ductwork distribution, plumbing, lighting, and power.

Shell DevelopmentMEP design for "bare" spaces awaiting specific leasing requirements: rooftop units, plumbing stubs, electrical panels.

Tenant ImprovementApplication of tenant "criteria" design to local requirements, coordination with site specific space design, and preparation of full construction documents.

Mercedes Dealership
Ann Arbor, MI
BMW Dealership
Ann Arbor, MI
Infinity Dealership
Ann Arbor, MI
Young Chevy-Olds
Owosso, MI

Chase Bank
Michigan, Ohio and Illinois
Auto Body Credit Union
Astera Credit Union
Lansing, Saginaw, DeWitt
Greenstone Credit Union
Sandusky, Grand Rapids

Gaines Marketplace
Grand Rapids, MI
60,500 sf
River City Marketplace
Jacksonville, FL
486,000 sf
Beacon Square
Grand Haven, MI
42,000 sf

Hamlin Pub
Sterling Heights, MI
Multiple locations
Burger King
Multiple locations
Morning Belle
Multiple locations

Tenant Improvement Packages

Grand Mountain
Steve and Barry's
Old Navy
Office Depot

Tom Reder | AIA, Bergmann Associates

CTR has a great understanding of the retail world. From shell development to whiteboxes to tenant improvement projects, their retail team has provided quick and efficient MEP designs in this fast-paced environment. Whether it's an unplanned field visit or a call to a utility company, CTR steps up and contributes to the overall effort.

K-12 Schools

Perhaps our strongest area. Clark Trombley Randers is experienced in MEP design for K-12 school projects from renovations to new buildings. We take special interest in the schematic design phase to ensure that adequate mechanical and electrical spaces have been allowed. We understand the collaborative nature of K-12 projects with the many stakeholders from the architect to the maintenance personnel to the students.

ClassroomsHVAC and lighting design that are both energy efficient and quiet.

Gyms and PoolsVentilation and humidity control designs that meet the needs of these special spaces.

Assembly SpacesLighting control systems and HVAC that address the flexibility necessary in auditoriums and cafeterias.

Support SpacesMEP for kitchen coordination, mechanical rooms, janitor spaces, loading docks, etc. are matched to the resources of the building.

K-12 Schools

East Lansing Middle and High School
East Lansing, MI
324,000 sf
[New and renovation]
Genesee Intermediate School District
Flint, MI
[Renovation in six buildings]
Ottawa Hills High School
Grand Rapids
[Complete interior renovation]
[LEED Certified]


Westwood Heights Schools
Flint, MI
[Boiler replacement]
Okemos Public Schools
Okemos, MI
[Renovations in five buildings]
Milan School
Milan, MI


Eaton Rapids Public Schools
Eaton Rapids, MI
Roscommon Area Public School
Roscommon, MI
Pennfield School District
Pennfield, MI

Steve Lathrop | Okemos Public Schools Operations Director

It's apparent from the work CTR has done for our district that they understand not only the design process, but the implementation of MEP projects. From RFP support to construction administration, CTR has provided leadership on our building projects. They're a resource I repeatedly use and trust.

Health Care

Lobby renovations, departmental moves, equipment replacements, new technology installations, data centers...these all fill the plates of most health care facility engineering departments. The workload ranges from the technical to the political. Health care facilities continually compete for patients and medical personnel, and the condition of your building and the quality of your systems play a role.

Healthcare Services
CTR can help! Whether it involves HVAC, plumbing, lighting, power, or special systems, CTR can provide the technical expertise and construction documents needed for successful project implementation.

And you'll enjoy working with us!

Health Care

Crittenton Hospital
Rochester, MI
[Replace chiller, boilers, pumps in power house, Clean storage room HVAC, Domestic water study]
Hurley Hospital
Flint, MI
[Renovation for new CT and angiography room]


Garden City Hospital
Garden City, MI
[Renovation for new CT suite]
Owosso Medical Center
Owosso, MI
[New medical office building]
Sparrow Health Systems
[Multiple renovation projects in hospital and professional building ]


Michigan State University Clinical Center
East Lansing, MI
[CT suite air conditioning]
Partners in Family Health Care
Perry, MI
[New medical office building]


Clark Trombley Randers' experience in industrial projects ranges from warehouses to process support systems. We are familiar with the more rigorous nature of industrial MEP systems and can offer appropriate designs. We liken ourselves to an extension of your plant engineering department and can provide facility system support to production related renovations.

HVACAir conditioning, chillers, cooling towers, boilers, heat exchangers, data centers, and dust collection.

LightingPlant lighting, and task lighting.

PlumbingDomestic water, compressed air, and natural gas.

PowerMedium voltage distribution, power factor evaluation, power quality analysis, and data centers.

SystemsFire alarm, and security.


Auto-Owners Warehouse and Printing Facility
Lansing, MI
Bharat Forge Facility Power Factor Correction
Lansing, MI
Ryder Logistics Center Renovation
Lansing, MI
RL Carriers Trucking Terminal
Several locations
[New and Renovations]


Granger Energy (now EDL Energy)
Multiple locations
[Landfill gas conversion plants]
Consumers Energy Service Center
Clare, MI
[LEED Silver Certified]
(Confidential Client)
1,500 gpm
[Domestic Water Pump House - Water Booster System]


(Confidential Client)
30,000 cfm
[Dust Collection Systems]
(Confidential Client)
25,000 sf
[Data Center - Main Server Room HVAC]

Office Buildings

Clark Trombley Randers has provided MEP design for many office buildings from corporate headquarters to speculative projects. We strive to address the needs of the occupants, the owner, and/or the developers.

HVACVariable volume systems, split systems, VRF, outdoor air control, economizers, and data center cooling.

LightingGeneral and task lighting, lighting controls, parking lot lighting, and emergency lighting/exit signs.

PlumbingDomestic water booster systems, water, sewer, natural gas, and fire protection.

PowerPowered furniture coordination, general receptacles, circuitry for technology, utility coordination, and data centers.

SystemsFire alarm, security, access control, and data.

Office Buildings

MESSA Headquarters Building
East Lansing, MI
MITA Headquarters Building
Okemos, MI
MERS Headquarters Building Addition
Lansing, MI


Owosso Medical Office Building
Owosso, MI
Pinnacle Office Building
Novi, MI
Social Security Administration Service Center
Clawson, MI
[LEED Certified]


Emergent Administration Building
SET SEG Headquarters
East Lansing
Lansing Board of Water and Light
Haco Road Service Center
[LEED Gold Certified]

Todd Gute | AIA MayotteGroup Architects

Senior staff at CTR regularly assert themselves during our programming and conceptual design process, insuring MEP space requirements are addressed early. We appreciate their willingness to participate and contribute.


Church projects, because they're all different, are fun for us to participate in. They usually have some design flair not found on most other projects. This often creates challenges for lighting and HVAC — ones we're eager to tackle!

Religious BuildingsClark Trombley Randers is familiar with the unique nature of church projects. We understand the unenviable task that church building committees have—to find the balance between their wants and their budgets. We can provide alternative approaches to MEP systems to find the right solutions.


LDS Churches
East Lansing, MI; Holland, MI; and Ithaca, MI
Gilead Healing Center - Mt. Hope Church
Lansing, MI


Trinity United Methodist Church Addition
Lansing, MI
Southridge Reform Church
Portage, MI


Mayfair Bible Church
Flkushing, MI
Many additions and renovations.

Mark Voss | Judson Memorial Baptist Church

Church projects happen at infrequent intervals and are important to the congregation as well as the building committee. CTR was great in the explanation of various selections that met our needs and our budget. There was no one-size-fits-all design. They played an active role in the early conceptual design process.

Higher Ed

Clark Trombley Randers provides MEP services to support the ongoing renovation and upgrade projects typical of most colleges and universities. To campuses with a large number of buildings and oft-changing requirements, CTR can be a valuable resource to physical plant staff. We are familiar with the process of designing modern systems within sometimes less-than-modern buildings.

Data CentersWith the advent of departmental data centers and server rooms, CTR has found a niche in applying process cooling and power quality designs throughout a campus. Familiar with the evolution from a PC in a closet to a rack-based system of high capacity servers, we can address specific needs and produce an appropriate design.

Office RenovationsThe changing needs of academic and administrative departments result in large and small renovations in existing buildings. Power and HVAC modifications are usually needed to support these relocations. CTR can evaluate existing building systems and issue construction documents for physical plant or outside contractor construction.

Equipment ReplacementsOlder campuses with central building equipment need updating and/or replacement as useful life runs out. CTR can evaluate equipment and systems for suitability and reliability in current uses. Often, energy efficiency will drive equipment replacement, and CTR can assist with alternatives analysis.

Michigan State UniversityEast Lansing, MI

Geography Research Building Renovation
High Capacity Computing Center HVAC and Power Upgrades
Computing Center HVAC and Power Upgrades
Radiology Building Server Room
Clinical Center Server Room
Renovations in over 15 different buildings on campus

Lansing Community CollegeLansing, MI

New Woodshop
Arts and Science Building Chiller Replacement
West Campus Atrium Power Modifications

Central Michigan UniversityMt. Pleasant, MI

CART Building HVAC Replacement
North Quad Improvements
Site Exterior Lighting
SAC Pool Renovations
Domestic Water Piping Replacement Projects
Dow Science Process Chiller
Tower Dining Renovations
Foust Hall Renovations
Campus Chilled Water Modifications
Public Broadcasting HVAC Renovations
Baseball Stadium
Kewadin Apartments Storage Building
Woldt Hall Generator Replacement

Diane Schimizzi | PE,Michigan State University

With over 500 buildings on campus, our in-house staff relies on our consultants to be self-directing on project assignments. CTR is able to independently move projects forward from design through construction without requiring detailed directions, while keeping our staff informed. CTR always interacts in a professional manner with faculty and administrative staff, as well as with Physical Plant staff.


An important part of our retail work is working for franchisees to modify a prototype design to fit a site-specific location. We work with the franchise architects to specify MEP systems consistent with the intent of the prototype but fits within the space allotted.

Our franchise work includes stores for:


Mixed Use

CTR has been part of the design team for several mixed use/multi-family residential projects.  We can offer alternative approaches for HVAC and collaborate during the schematic design phase to insure there is sufficient space programmed for mechanical and electrical services.  We are familiar with the requirements of high-rise design and how that may affect the architectural layouts.  On spaces with lower floor commercial, we can prepare the building infrastructure to support future tenants.

Crossroad Pines Warren, MI
24 Townhouses

North Row Development Rochester Hills, MI
18 units in five buildings

The Flats at Iron Ridge Ferndale, MI
94 units on four floors

DuCharme Place Detroit, MI
185 units in four buildings

Zen Apartments Troy, MI
286 units on eight floors

ICON Royal Oak, MI
92 units on eight floors

Sugar Hill Detroit, MI
68 units on five floors

Billings Place Royal Oak, MI
65 units on five floors


CTR has partnered with architects on a variety of special use projects that may not fit into any of the other "Markets" categories. These projects were opportunities we have appreciated and have enriched our overall portfolio.

Sloan Museum Flint
Addition and interior renovation of existing museum that now sits as a centerpiece of Flint’s Cultural Center.

Kid’s Food Bank Grand Rapids
Ground up building to house offices and processing areas

Portland Library Portland, MI
Interior renovation of existing 1905 Carnegie Library.

Chaloner’s Cigar House Adrian, MI
Renovation of existing three-story building into a cigar lounge with smoking rooms and bars.

University Club of MSU Lansing, MI
MEP Services for complete replacement of existing swimming pool.
Other interior renovations throughout the club including replacement of HVAC infrastructure.